About the

Good Llama Co.

  The Good Llama was born out of a desire to create a beautiful soy candle that burns cleanly and treads lightly on our planet.  Our candles are free of toxins, dyes and harmful fragrances, in a jar that may be repurposed or reused, with no lids to end up in a landfill. While we are passionate about our candles, we are deeply committed to protecting our planet. The simplicity of a candle flickering in a dimmed room is timeless, and brings us back to the days when our ancestors relied on fire for warmth, cooking and seeing. The flickering of a lighted candle raises the energy in a room in a way that a trendy decorative item found in glossy catalog cannot. Light a candle, gather fresh greens, select a favorite playlist and you have created a lovely space.  A ritual, after a day of work, is to enter my home and light a candle from our spirit line. I gaze at the flame swaying and dancing, breathe deeply, releasing the energy from the day, and I thank the crystal buried in the candle for its beauty and connection to our planet. The glow of a candle burning soothes my spirit and the stresses of the day fade away as the aroma of the candle is gently released and the crystal begins its work.         ~Lori Byman, founder