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Easy on the eye, lovable, eternally optimistic, fair and balanced, Libra has the power to inspire people in extraordinary ways. Nobody throws down a compliment like a Libra, but often this fun-loving, nature is mistaken for flirting, which is fine by Libra, since they prefer to keep all options open. A pleasing nature make them magnets for energy vampires hoping to suck up  positive libra energy. Picking up on things others miss, they have an uncanny ability to read a persons thoughts before they’ve spoken a word. Libra gives great advice thanks to their logical nature and ability to see a situation from all sides. Libra is crazy clever and incredibly switched on, but all of this overthinking and analyzing results in an extreme case of indecisiveness. Watch a libra unravel by asking them to where to go for dinner and what to order once they get there. Libra avoids confrontation, selfish and rude people, but is quick to admit when they’re in the wrong. They make the ideal partner, as long as the scales are balanced. Libra always has options, so don't think you're special. Libra is not afraid to speak up for what they believe is right. Fully aware of their self worth, they are the fastest friend-zoners in the world if their love is not reciprocated.