My Story

Live Magically, Burn Brightly

An intuitive and empathic child, I loved to help people, even if they didn’t think they needed my help. On many occasions I recall my mother dragging me along by the hand and reprimanding me for my rudeness as I unabashedly stared at people. My interest in people served me well, honing my people watching skills, I received a BA from Boston College as a psychology major and further enhanced my people watching skills as a teacher and now a middle school librarian in Amesbury.

While many girls obsessed over the latest barbie doll fashions, I mashed up Wonder bread until it resembled church wafers, poured grape juice into a pewter goblet, and lit candles in preparation for playing church. The only parishioner, my little sister, reluctant at best, visited my church for the “host” and the grape juice. Another activity was mixing up food potions and force feeding them to my sister, confident her greatest wishes would be granted.  

My attraction to candles and trusting my intuition started at a young age. Bored by the adult conversation at the dinner table, I’d entertain myself by sticking my fingers in the wax and watching the candles flicker and dance, as if they were alive. My passion for candles was released when I received a candle making kit on my 10th birthday, and continues to this day. I light candles in my house every day because they are uplifting and they make me feel good. Recently I have combined my fascination with crystals with my candle making practice to create The Good Llama Co.