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Apache Tear is a beautiful stone for overcoming grief or loss. Emotionally healing, grounding, and protective. Brings comfort in times of deep sadness. Helps one accept loss and to move on with a deeper understanding. Apache Tear is a type of black obsidian stone from the Southwest and Mexico. Apache Tear acts like a sponge, holding in your tears, while releasing toxins from your body, dispelling them into the earth. It is also said to bring good luck to the bearer of the stone.

The Legend of the Apache Tear                                                                                 After the Apaches had raided a settlement in Arizona, the U.S. Cavalry trailed 75 brave Apache warriors who were camped on a mountain. In the sneak attack, 50 of the Apaches were killed within minutes. Realizing that they had nowhere to go, those that remained chose death by leaping rather than dying at the hands of the white man. When the Apache women discovered their beloved husbands, fathers, and sons dead at the bottom of the cliff, they wept. They mourned greatly for their brave warriors. As their tears fell, black stones were formed on the white, sandy earth. Legend has it that whoever owns an Apache Tear should never need to cry again because the Apache women have shed their tears in a place of yours. To give a friend or loved one an Apache Tear is to give them Good Luck to carry with them forever. It is believed that the stones themselves carry spiritual and healing powers. 

Fragrance: Love Spell

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