Meet Lori!

Lori is the owner of The Good Llama Co. established in 2019. Lori loves making healthy candles and helping her customers find the perfect crystal candle to light in their homes. Always on the hunt for new crystals, her inventory is constantly changing. Custom orders are her specialty.

When Lori isn't making candles, she loves spending time in nature, cooking (and eating), hanging out with family and friends, binge watching Netflix, reading and ever the spiritual one, has been reading tarot cards since she was 12.

"As a child, I needed to help people, even if they didn’t think they needed my help. I recall my mother dragging me along by the hand and reprimanding me for my rudeness as I unabashedly stared at people".

Lori received a BA from Boston College as a psychology major, and further enhanced her people watching skills as a teacher and now a middle school librarian in Amesbury, MA.

Drawn to crystals at a young age, Lori combined her fascination with crystals with her candle making practice to create The Good llama Co. and she is excited to share her product with the world.