Mookaite~ Pregnancy/Travel

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Mookaite (also known as Australian Jasper) is an emotionally nurturing stone that supports us during times of stress. It is known to slow down the aging process and reminds us that our souls are eternal and is an excellent stone to carry during pregnancy, as it is said to nurture the growing fetus. It brings peace and a feeling of wholeness and helps us with decision making when faced with tough decisions. Mookaite encourages versatility, helps us to pursue our passions and helps us to accept change. It provides a protective shield against negative or dangerous situations, and blocking unwanted outside influences revealing what is concealed. Mookaite promotes energy and enthusiasm to new ideas, helping us bring out the best in ourselves and others. Mookaite strengthens our bond with animals. Keep it close by when traveling, as it safely seeks out adventure. Mookaite helps with contacting those who have passed on and strengthens the immune system. It makes us our best versions of ourselves and bring kindness to ourselves and others.