"I am so happy with Good Llama candles. The fragrances are subtle and not overpowering. The beautiful wishes have been welcomed and appreciated by friends and family that have received them as gifts. I am allergic to so many candle fragrances, but I do so well with these. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality, thoughtful gift, or to enjoy for yourself." ~Marylin Bragg, Methuen, MA 

"My family and I love the candles from Good Llama Co. I love that they are long lasting and 100% natural and I love how they smell. The scents are not heavy and overpowering like other candles. My teenage daughters love the stones hidden in the candles. Each candle is made with a specific intention. The stone inside represents the intention. The candles promote love or healing or well being. Every time you light the candle you are reminded of your intention and when the candle is gone, you still have the stone to remind you of what it is you are working towards."~Mia Morgan, Marblehead, MA

"I have always loved candles, the soft light, the warm glow, the flickering flame. The first thing I would buy when I moved into a new home was a candle. Returning home after work, I’d light a candle before I even made a cup of tea. My husband and I never had a meal at our table without a candle between us, and at dinner parties our dining table shone with candles coordinated with my table setting. Then one day my husband, pointing up at the ceiling, said “Look at that ceiling! It’s black from all your candles!” So, we had the ceiling painted and used only battery-operated plastic candles that flickered at the top. 

And then, a tiny miracle!  At a Christmas craft fair last Fall, I stopped at The Good Llama Candle Co. table. I liked the scents, the crystals, the colors, the recycled glass, and the promises, but all that mattered to me, all I wished for, was that this candle would burn clean, with no black smoke or black rim around the glass, and nothing in it to darken the newly painted white ceiling.  My wish came true. Real Candles are back in my home. The Good Llama candles!" ~Bette Tsoutsouras, Ipswich, MA

"I just wanted to send a little note to thank you so much for this very special candle, made with love by your daughter. It was incredibly kind of you to share this gift with me. It is on my desk delivering fresh memories and reminders of a time when I was young and idealistic! With every breeze that blows, I feel a sense of calm from the aroma and the amethyst within and the essence of Haight-Ashbury, It is just a treasure, right down to the recycled container, and the sweet and delicate dried flowers on top. I don't know how I got so lucky. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 

-Gail M. (This was a note written to my mother from Gail expressing her appreciation for one of our candles)