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Aventurine:  I am emotionally grounded and happy

Aventurine, often called the gambler’s stone, is a rockstar when you need luck on your side. When emotions are under control, you are coming from a place of confidence and aventurine puts you in the driver’s seat. Get out of your comfort zone. Take the road less traveled, make that scary phone call, go on a road trip, and do it with gusto and don’t over-analyze every move. Let your spirit soar and release nagging worries to the universe. Feel gratitude and appreciation for all that’s beautiful in your life and sleep more soundly. Send toxic emotions such as anxiety, anger senseless worry and jealousy packing and replace them with feelings of lightness, humor, optimism, and joy. Aventurine is excellent for those suffering from depression or unchanneled negativity. Accept change gracefully with this emotional anchor, and stay grounded in the present. Understand the root causes of illness, imbalance, depression or defeat and let go of unhealthy relationships, patterns and heartache. View hardships as an opportunity for growth in a new direction, and live your life free of fear and worry with aventurine, the luckiest stone in the world.