Tracking and Delivery

Once you receive a shipping notification please allow 24 hours for your tracking number to start working- it needs to get picked up and scanned in at the post office

Occasionally items don’t get scanned in properly. If it has been past the projected delivery date and you haven’t received your item and the tracking isn’t working, please let us know.

If an item is marked as "Delivered" and you have not received it, here are our suggested next steps:

Verify the shipping address is correct and that you have a mailbox with your name on it. Check in with anyone else that might have received the package for you (ie. roommate, family member, neighbor etc).Bring the tracking to your local UPS office to see if they're holding it or they have any further information.If it has been 21 days after shipment and you've done steps 1-3 send us a message to let us know.