Not all Candles are Created Equally

Why the Good Llama is Special

While many candles burn brightly and smell good enough to eat, they are leaching toxic chemicals into the air that you are inhaling. While your olfactory senses may be in a state of nirvana, your body is being bombarded with dangerous chemicals. The Good Llama is committed to creating a healthy candle that treads lightly on the environment. We want you to love our crystal candles and welcome them into your home. Our candles are poured in small batches, made of only the finest ingredients and we’re proud to say, no two are exactly alike.


Our design is simple, and our phthalate and vanillin free fragrances are clean and fresh. Our nature inspired fragrances range from sweet and savory to earthy and subtle and are paired with a healing crystal to bring the highest energy to your home. Because we combine pure essential oils and natural fragrances, our candles are not overwhelming. We would rather keep you healthy than overpower your senses with synthetic fragrances.

We Create our Own Fragrances

Our fragrances are carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure that they are are only going to raise the vibration in the room, not overpower it. We avoid fragrances that scream at us, smell fake and threaten to overwhelm our olfactory senses. Good Llama fragrances are rooted in nature and contain pure essential oils and phthalate and vanillin free fragrance oils, rather than synthetic fragrances made in a lab. In our selection of fragrances, you will be transported back to simpler times, when the tomatoes on our plates smelled earthy and sweet, unlike the lifeless versions that grace the produce aisles in supermarkets today. Our aromatherapy line is constantly being updated with new fragrances, seasonally inspired.  We only offer a limited selection because at the Good Llama we are picky.