Incorrect Order or Broken Items

We will replace all products that arrive broken. Please contact us (via email ( and include a picture of the product, and a list of what needs to be replaced. We will get you a replacement shipped out ASAP.

When your candle arrives it may have "frosty" white patches or slight discoloration. This is a result of temperature changes during shipping, and is a totally natural characteristic of soy wax. Luckily, it does not effect the burn or smell of your candle. If you are unhappy with the appearance we can exchange it for a new candle. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee it won't happen again.

If you received a candle you did not order or one is missing from your order we apologize! Please email us and let us know the item you are missing or need exchanged. You may keep any product we may have shipped to you by accident.