Crystals and Your Mental and Emotional Health

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I am an empath and have been aware of subtle energy fields surrounding me since childhood. Instinctively, I have always gravitated towards a healthier lifestyle, kinder people, calmer environments, and healthy foods. I knew right from wrong, and I sensed when things were off, as all children do. I preferred vegetables and fruit over sweet snacks and avoided meat at all costs. One of my favorite after school snacks was stewed tomatoes. I picked tomatoes out of our garden, cooked them on the stove, and ate them in a big bowl, everyday until tomato plants shriveled up and died. Nobody told me to eat more veggies, I just knew.

What I'm getting at is that I believe children are born with a knowing. When I am at a crossroads and unsure what direction to choose, I think back on how little 10 year-old Lori would act, because this instinctive "knowing" gets squelched out of us as we turn into adults. That knowing is still here, we just have to work a little harder to reach it.

Here are the tenets of why I use crystals in my own life for healing and making me the best version of myself.

1. We live in a world full of natural wonder, full of God's gifts. These gifts are given to us to bring joy into our lives. Everything in the universe has an energy field, and is accessible to us at all times, yet many people shut themselves away in their homes and ignore these gifts. A day at the beach is healing, a walk through the woods is healing, lying on a hammock staring at the clouds is healing, crystals are healing. Crystals carry an energy that is absorbed into our vibrational energy field, and they affect us. When I need reinforcement, I have my go-to crystals, and I never leave the house without them. I choose the crystals for each day based on what I feel I need on that particular day. I know they help me to be my best, and healthiest self.

2. What we think about we attract, and when I have a crystal in my pocket, with a specific energy, that is what I will attract into my life. When I light a Good Llama candle, I know the reiki treated crystal will raise the vibration in my home.

3. When we are faced with a health crisis, emotional issue, mental challenges, a pregnancy, keeping a crystal close will influence our energetic fields.

4. I believe in the wonder of the Universe and I know it's here to support and love us, and crystals are one way to tap into that healing power.

Peace, Lori

Below is an article that addresses this topic. I think it may help you understand why crystals are an important part of my life.