Tiger Eye~Prosperity/Luck

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Tiger Eye

A protective stone that dispels negative energies such as fear and worry from your life. Transforms self-doubt into self-love. Confident in your thoughts and actions, you are ready to own your power and accomplish your goals. Blessings, prosperity, abundance, creativity and joy are yours for the asking. Emotional well being, hope and peace are enhanced when you welcome tiger’s eye into your life. Both grounding and inspiring, it helps you to see any situation in a positive light. Tiger’s Eye connects you to your third eye, and is an excellent stone for meditation. Balance toxic emotions and create positive mental shifts. Keep your mind focused on your goals and true passions in life and overcome any mental obstacles or roadblocks encountered along the way. Deepest desires are revealed with Tiger’s Eye. When you’re ready to pursue a new venture, or need a confidence booster, grab a piece of Tiger’s Eye and head boldly into the future.


Fragrance: Orange Blossom