Light your candle and visualize what you want to attract into your life. As the candle burns, the energy of the crystal will be released and will go to work for you. Keep the crystal and allow it to assist you to manifest the life you deserve.


The spiritual healing properties of agate facilitate growth and stability, confidence and truth. Agate powers encourage quiet introspection and contemplation, providing a soothing, supportive energy for spiritual growth and confidence in your spirituality. Speak your truth and improve communication skills.

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An emotional anchor, grounding and calming. Helps with depression, insomnia, balancing emotions and dissolving everyday stress. Quiets roving thoughts and overthinking. Facilitates the release of unhealthy relationships, patterns and heartache. Helps one to view hardships as an opportunity for growth, and for taking things in stride. Inspires a feeling of lightness, humor and a renewed sense of optimism, joy and hope.



Feel grounded, centered and protected from negative energies. Has a subtle magnetic pull that aligns you with your right path. An amulet that pulls in all that you desire. Draws out toxic blocks from the body and clears the meridians. A stone for health, wellness and balance.

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A stone of transformation. This is the friend that reminds you when old patterns are being played out. It brings out the best version of you. Lepidolite will find its way into your life when you're ready for change. An emotionally stabilizing energy, it helps to bring focus to your dreams, reminding us to trust our instincts and listen to our intuition, for this is where the answers are revealed.  Gently nudges one to embrace change and usher in new opportunities and friends. 


Petrified Wood

A stone that negates your fears and insecurities. Healing, grounding and earthy, it calms your worries and brings on feelings of safety and security. Petrified wood was once an ancient, living, breathing tree that has fossilized over thousands of years. Petrified Wood is a wonderful stone to have if you want to feel connected to nature.



Protects from EMFs. transforming them into wave forms that are compatible with our bodies. Alters water by purifying and energizing it with minerals and natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals Called a miracle stone and a catalyst for transformation. Increases personal power. Clears dysfunctional patterns. Place it on an affected area or hold it and you will see an accelerated resolution of the problem. Relieves anxiety, and helps with insomnia.


Tiger's Eye

Blessings, abundance, creativity and joy are yours for the asking with Tiger’s Eye.  Transforms self-doubt into self-love. Confident in your thoughts and actions, own your power and accomplish your goals. Balances toxic emotions and creates positive mental shifts. Deepest desires are revealed with Tiger’s Eye. When you’re ready to pursue a new venture, or need confidence, grab a piece of Tiger’s Eye and head boldly into the future.

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If Amazonite finds its way into your life, it's a sign that you're in need of the truth, even if it hurts. Program your Amazonite candle with this affirmation. "I can achieve anything I set my mind to do." and watch what happens. Light your candle during times of stress and call on its chill vibes and for a float down an inner river of peace. On the physical side, it helps with traumas and illnesses of all kinds, joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, liver problems, cell Choosing Amazonite is a clear sign that it's time to heal old wounds and bolster physical stamina and health. ~energy muse


Black Onyx

Truth serum, protective, absorbs negative energies from the environment, draws out mental stress and tension. Encourages growth, brings clarity of mind, clears confusion. Helps you to know who you truly are. Promotes compassion and strength. It reduces arthritis pain, and joint problems 



A calming stone used to relieve stress, reduce anger and transform selfishness and rudeness into positive action. Howlite turns a negative state of mind into a more joyful outlook. Keep it close at night to treat insomnia and if you want to access wisdom while in the dream state. Carry it in your pocket to absorb negative energy. Is is said to strengthen bones and calcium.

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The ugliest, most powerful and coveted stone in the world. It brings on epiphanies and aligns your path with your destiny. It has several metaphysical properties which brings on positive changes in the personal and professional lives of people. It can change your life instantly. People who do not take a liking to moldavite are emotionally unavailable and do not feel the need to experience unconditional love. It  reveals your true purpose in life.


Red Jasper

Red Jasper is an excellent stone for those who experience mood swings or need help getting their emotions under control. It helps to banish negative thinking and self-doubt. It calms the mind and helps us see life through a positive lens. A perfect stone to carry with you when facing stressful situations. It deepens your connection to earth and strengthens the root chakra

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Smoky  Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a beacon of light for the weary traveler. With its powerful grounding and healing properties, it removes obstacles and offers protection from negativity. It helps to release toxic emotions such as jealousy, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and fear. An amplifier of positive energy, it paves the way for love and joy to fill your heart. See situations in a positive light and remove the stale air, ushering in new energy. Carry it with you when you need to feel supported. 



Spiritual Protection, invoke your Guardian Angel. Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone.  It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm, including geopathic or electromagnetic stress and ill wishes from others.



Courage and Confidence. Be the best version of yourself. An emotionally healing stone to carry with you when you have to make a good impression, or when facing a challenge. promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success. A happy and joyful stone that lifts your mood. Medically, it increases circulation, improves lower back problems, arthritis, and accelerates healing in bones and ligaments.



Brings out hidden talents, draws out latent qualities, helps owner to see both sides of a situation, leads life in a good direction, allows owner to see truth in a situation, succeed in a new venture, notice the good side of other people, strengthens ones resolve and confidence, helps to change what isn’t working any longer, breaks old habits, ushers in new energy.

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Mookaite is a nurturing stone, supporting us during times of stress. It brings peace and helps with tough decisions. It motivates us to pursue passions and gives energy to new ideas. A protective shield against dangerous situations, it's is an excellent stone to carry during pregnancy or travel. It helps to slow down the aging process, reminding us the soul is eternal. It Helps contact those who have passed. Mookaite brings out our best.

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The state gem of Massachusetts, it is one of the most powerful heart chakra crystals in the world. It infuses your soul with pure love. It helps release fears, which are sometimes disguised as toxic emotions like anger, jealousy, or resentment. Love is simple. It’s the humans that make it complicated. Call on Rhodonite to shine a pink ray of light on your heart and help open up blockages by returning your spirit to a natural state of bliss.

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Helps with memory, focus and concentration. Increase understanding of a project or presentation. Keeps one grounded when facing obstacles. Helps with self-confidence in meetings or classes. Gives  one confidence to stand up for what you believe in the face of opposition. Great for public speaking or for confidence  when sharing ideas. Associated with the throat chakra, it connects feelings with voice.


Apache Tear

A stone for overcoming grief or loss. 
Emotionally healing, grounding and protective, Clears away emotional pain. A type of black obsidian stone from the Southwest and Mexico. It absorbs negative energy. Helps to release toxins from your body. A powerful grounding stone.



It clears away negative energy.  A joyful, sweet stone that makes you smile. Confidence and happiness radiates throughout your body. Love your life, smile widely and spread kindness, generosity and creativity.Attracts wealth, prosperity and success, imparts joy, wonder and enthusiasm. Stimulates the brain, strengthening the intellect. It promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression.


Lapis Lazuli

This stone has a high vibrational energy and it knows your soul. It connects us to our inner wisdom and awakens us to our true destiny. It removes pettiness and insecurities from your life, and brings you to enlightenment as your follow your true path. It only knows the truth. Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression, confidence and compassion. It helps you confront and speak your truth and inspires confidence.

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Gently brings lovers together and fills your heart with pure joy and tenderness, assists you in connecting you with your divine feminine side and seeing truths that may be hidden.

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Rose Quartz

A stone of unconditional love, compassion and healing. RQ opens your heart chakra to universal love., self-love, romantic love, family love, love between friends, love for humanity. RQ dissolves emotional wounds, fears and sorrow, replacing them with feelings of self-worth and deep personal contentment. It allows one to connect with others, giving and receiving love freely. Carry it in your pocket and attract the love you so desire.


Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is calming and soothing.  It teaches you to value mistakes as well as successes.  A stone of purity, Snowflake Obsidian provides balance for body, mind and spirit.  It helps you recognise and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns.  Promotes dispassion and inner centring.  Snowflake Obsidian empowers isolation and loneliness, aiding surrender in meditation.

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